Spectra's bulk division answers the needs of manufacturing companies and other food processing facilities that require large amounts of oil or liquid shortening on a regular basis. With our double compartment tanker trucks we are able to deliver to your establishment Spectra Canola Vegetable Oil and Spectra Canola Creamy Fry Liquid Shortening:

About the tanks
- Provided and installed at no cost
- Capacity from 200 L to 1000 L or more, depending on needs and space availability
- Split tanks available if needed

About the delivery
- Deliveries scheduled according to customer needs and frequency of delivery in customer area
- Fully automated and computerized tank trucks calibrated by Measurement Canada to ensure reliability
- Quantities metered as they are pumped into customer's tank
- Invoice printed directly and handed to customer on delivery

About our customer service
-Our friendly staff is ready to answer all your questions regarding our products, your scheduled or emergency delivery, or accounts receivable, and assist you with any other questions or concerns you might have